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Solar Serve

Solar Serve

Solar Serve designs, manufactures, trades and installs equipment using renewable energy, such as solar devices, clean cookers and fuels. Solar Serve specifically targets poor communities and people in areas of serious deforestation, helping them to change their habits of cutting down trees for traditional firewood, so reducing air pollution and bringing practical economic benefits and healthy improvement to the population. 

Solar Serve offers efficient alternatives to traditional cookstoves. The clean cookstoves use significantly less coal or biomass than their traditional counterparts, and the solar cookstoves produce zero emissions. Trained staff members sell the products directly to local communities. The target groups for the products are urban and rural households who use cookstoves on a daily basis. Users benefit from reduced costs and a positive impact on their health.

  • Scale-up the direct sales and distribution network, expanding into new areas.
  • Further improve production methods and the efficiency of the products.
  • Gain official environmental certifi cation, thereby attracting international recognition.
  • Develop high-efficiency biomass pellets as an alternative to conventional biomass, expanding the product line.


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