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Pumpkin Value Addition Enterprise

Pumpkin Value Addition Enterprise

By using a climate-resistant crop, this enterprise proposes an alternative to traditional food plants and gives women an opportunity to start small-scale businesses that generate healthy value-added food products. They offer women technical skills training in pumpkin value addition and also link these women entrepreneurs to the market and to financial institutions.

Pumpkin Value Addition Enterprise mobilises women to form business working groups and trains them in pumpkin value addition skills. It runs a new demonstration centre for mentoring in sustainable agriculture. In order to empower communities, the enterprise links women to financial institutions, enabling them to start their own businesses and access markets. With the help of easy-to-use technology, the pumpkins are used to produce pumpkin juice, wine, bread, powder, cakes, bhajis, biscuits and seeds, while the residues are used as animal feeds and manure.

  • Expand the enterprise, growing up to 20,000 species of pumpkin crops for sustainable harvesting.
  • Explore new markets and generate over USD 1,500 in monthly revenue from the sale of products.
  • Employ over 80 women, training them in technical skills for pumpkin value addition, marketing, packaging and financial management.
  • Set up a processing plant to increase production of processed pumpkin products.


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