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Pollinate Energy

Pollinate Energy

Establishing a micro-distribution network for appropriate and affordable green household products, this enterprise targets urban poor migrant communities in India that rely on kerosene for their daily lighting requirements. Their mission is to create job opportunities for local “Pollinators” to start their own businesses as micro-distributors that bring clean energy technology, in the form of small-scale solar lights, directly to the most needy communities.

Energy poverty is not a technology problem, it’s a distribution problem. Pollinate Energy fills this gap by training local people in technical and entrepreneurial skills and supporting them as they build clean energy micro-franchises. These franchises service urban slum residents with clean energy products, such as solar systems and smokeless cookstoves. Pollinate Energy’s clean energy solutions help fight India’s widespread energy poverty by effectively reaching out to the increasing numbers of urban slum communities, both as customers and distributors.

  • Provide over 15,000 individuals in slum communities with access to affordable solar lighting.
  • Operate in 3 Indian cities by the end of 2014, increase the number of fully-trained micro-entrepreneurs from 10 to 60 and hire 5 new management staff.
  • Further reduce the need for kerosene through increased product sales and save 90 tons of carbon emissions over the next 12 months.
  • Improve financial sustainability to ensure that each city is sustainable on a city-by-city basis, and attract external investors to cover the initial costs for new cities (USD 50,000 per city).


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