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NABIDI Power aims to develop and distribute lamps, radios and chargers designed to operate for days at a time without recharging. Being the first products with casings manufactured from a new bio-plastic made from sugar cane waste, their energy products help mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

NABIDI Power products are for everyday use, with parts that can be repaired and replaced. NABIDI empowers the economy by using local SMMEs as the distribution network. These vendors market the products through their church and community organisations and are supported by small business development organisations in South Africa. Local communities are thus empowered while maintaining a profi table and sustainable commercial operation. NABIDI Power has a database of potential vendors who are convinced of the commercial appeal of their products.

  • Complete the product development phase for the range and register the intellectual property rights.
  • When final prototypes are completed, look for commercialisation funding before starting manufacturing.
  • Business development agencies will help identify potential SMME vendors and set up viable businesses.


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