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Muthi Futhi

Muthi Futhi

Muthi Futhi is a community business which cultivates and processes indigenous medicinal plants for sale both as primary raw materials in bulk, and in the form of finished herbal products. Many of the plants cultivated are endangered in the wild due to over-harvesting, and this pioneering business is designed both to protect the biodiversity of KwaZulu-Natal and to create sustainable jobs for rural women. 

Muthi Futhi is a pioneering business engaged in the commercial cultivation and processing of selected threatened indigenous medicinal plants. It aims to become a replicable model for other communities and growers, creating new, sustainable rural jobs for marginalised women. The enterprise is jointly owned by the Edakeni community and the consultancy Enzangakho, ensuring long-term partnership. Its customers are commercial companies manufacturing herbal products locally or exporting raw materials to Europe, the US and elsewhere.

  • Scale up cultivation to include the whole site: the enterprise has 25 hectares of fenced, irrigated land, 5 hectares of which are currently under cultivation.
  • Expand to create a total of 30 permanent jobs for rural women on site.
  • Increase profit and make 50 % of this profit – if not reinvested in the business – available to the community for investment in other community initiatives.
  • Replicate the cultivation programme in other locations and for other medicinal plants.


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