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MRDP Sunwater

MRDP Sunwater

MRDP Sunwater aims to supply solar water heating through black PVC pipe systems allowing communities and especially women and children to save time, money and trees. This sunwater heating system is well accepted in the community and easy to maintain. By reducing the need to gather firewood to heat water, MRDP Sunwater helps the community to manage their natural resources sustainably.

MRDP Sunwater promotes an efficient, easy-to-handle, low-maintenance passive water-heating system through various marketing channels. It also uses feedback on pilot systems from community members to identify potential entrepreneurs who can promote the concept. In addition, MRDP provides support, training and assistance to these entrepreneurs, encouraging them to set up their own businesses. This includes providing practical exercises in business management, training in bookkeeping, technical training, planning and monitoring, and all other aspects of project-cycle management.

  • Identify more entrepreneurs to promote and supply the system and help with training.
  • Install approximately 50 additional systems to help with marketing and raise awareness of the concept.
  • Carry out further research on possible improvements, such as rooftop installation.
  • Further monitor the exact savings per household in terms of money value, time and number of trees saved.


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