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moWoza is a mobile phone marketplace platform that allows informal cross-border traders to access price-related information and an order and pre-pay inventory, and to receive delivery status notifications and access credit on their mobile phones. By empowering especially female traders to trade efficiently and transparently, MoWoza improves the livelihoods of women and fosters their business activities in the communities.

moWoza enables informal cross-border traders (ICBTs) – 80 % of whom are women in Sub-Saharan Africa – to order inventory using text message and Web applications. The business model is based on a trained agent-led network which introduces moWoza to ICBTs, and a logistics channel made up of community members. The service includes receiving text messages for inventory-related pricing information, placing orders via text message, paying through mobile wallets or at local agents and receiving text message notifications of shipment and drop-off details.

  • Register 1,000 Mozambican informal cross-border traders and work with the Malawian National Women’s Business Association to sign up SMEs (14,000 members).
  • Partner with commodity traders and outsource merchandising and logistics to suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods across Mozambique and Malawi.
  • Continue to develop moWoza’s services so that other enterprises can lease the software and leverage the supply chain solution.


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