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Khulumani Gogos Going Green

Khulumani Gogos Going Green

Khulumani Gogos Going Green is a small enterprise initiated by elderly women living in rural areas who form savings clubs to enable them to gain access to solar lighting and electricity. It thus supports successful small enterprise development and management in the solar energy sector, while reducing women's vulnerability to sexual assault and facilitating access to communication technology for rural communities.

The enterprise promotes the participation of grandmothers in savings and credit groups. These groups provide loans to finance investments in solar lighting and charging systems that meet household energy needs. The objectives of the enterprise are to expand the supply and distribution of solar systems to off-grid households. The enterprise builds capacity amongst grandmothers for managing a small enterprise in the solar energy sector. This then meets their needs for mobile phone charging and basic lighting, reducing their vulnerability to gender-based violence.

  • Increase opportunities for older women to become economically self-sufficient by enhancing their entrepreneurial skills in the solar energy sector.
  • Consolidate and expand savings groups through monthly support and mentoring, creating a sustainable foundation for expanding the small enterprise activities.
  • Train two additional field officers in SaveAct savings and credit group methodologies to provide for the expansion of enterprise activities.
  • Build financial literacy skills, increasing self-reliance through small enterprise activities.


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