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KARIBU Solar Power

KARIBU Solar Power

A modular solar lamp that is sold via a franchising network is the value proposition of this enterprise. By paying in small increments, which replicate the required cash flow for kerosene, KARIBU is making high quality solar lighting and mobile phone charging affordable, allowing also poorer communities to enjoy the benefits of solar lighting and energy.

The modular solar lamp consists of a solar panel, a rechargeable battery or mobile phone charger and a light. Users buy the battery and the light components and pay for the solar panel in small increments. After just a few weeks, they own the solar panel and can charge the battery on their own. KARIBU Solar Power’s “rent-to-own” programme and “pay per charge” model replicate the cash flow for buying kerosene. Costs to users are under USD 1 a day, making the lamp affordable for the 500+ million Africans.

  • Build a robust distribution network by securing buy-in from more than ten small-scale local franchise distributors.
  • Run a pilot in northern Tanzania to test the model.
  • Discuss collaboration with large distributors in other parts of Tanzania, aiming to reach agreement with four large distributors by 2014.
  • Access international markets – the enterprise is currently speaking with distributors in West Africa (Cameroon and Nigeria) and hopes to reach over a million people within five years.


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