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High Atlas Agriculture

High Atlas Agriculture

This enterprise aims to export organic farming products to generate a revenue stream that assists rural communities throughout the entire agricultural development cycle (tree nurseries, irrigation, training, organic certification, and marketing) and thus increases household incomes for rural families while preserving natural resources. 

HAA aims to certify and sell organic walnuts and almonds produced in the high Atlas Mountains, giving global buyers in Europe and the US direct access to the products. All profits from the sale of products, after farmers’ and production costs, go to the High Atlas Foundation for reinvestment into community projects. The enterprise also encourages entrepreneurship and facilitates fruit and nut tree plantations through training and education. This “nursery to export” agricultural project is replicable and can be extended to other regions and products in Morocco.

  • Organise a distribution pilot on the Moroccan market to build experience, contacts and customers, thereby ensuring that the product is ready for the export market.
  • Explore the possibility of marketing the newly planted trees and of offsetting the emissions of transporting them to export markets.
  • Implement this “nursery to export” agricultural project in other provinces and communities near national parks, to include the dozens of fruit trees and wild medicinal plants that can be certified organic for export.
  • Create two federations of stakeholders, one in the province of Al Haouz and one in the province of Taroudant, bringing together groups of individual cooperatives and associations.


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