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Gogle Energy Saving Stoves and Engineering

Gogle Energy Saving Stoves and Engineering

Gogle Energy Saving Stoves is a renewable energy enterprise that produces improved cook stoves and briquettes for various end users all over Ethiopia, working in partnership with different international agencies and state institutions. This helps to reduce deforestation and contributes to the shift towards clean energy, while also providing income for local communities.

Gogle Energy Saving Stoves produces improved cookstoves. It also recently started producing charcoal briquettes as a source of fuel, to be sold with the stoves or separately. The products are sold to various users in Ethiopia, including international NGOs via pre-ordering and through its own shops across the country. The enterprise currently produces around 200 improved steel-made cookstoves and 5,000 kg of briquettes a day. It is expanding its operations into neighbouring Somalia.

  • Double production capacity by purchasing new machinery for stoves, moulds and briquette machines.
  • Hire 11 new employees, focusing particularly on women, and train them to produce charcoal briquettes from coffee husks, corn cobs and corn husks.
  • Improve the business and financial plan to ensure future sustainability of the enterprise.
  • Increase the number of training sessions in production, raw material selection and marketing to ensure technology transfer and product quality.


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