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Duncan Village Secondary Recycling Cooperative

Duncan Village Secondary Recycling Cooperative

The Duncan Village Secondary Recycling Cooperative collects and recycles organic waste, processing it into valuable nutrients i.e. compost, vermi-compost, organic food, and biogas, enabling communities to capture the full value of their organic waste resources. By using best practices in food composting and urban food production, the enterprise contributes to improve community waste management.

Duncan Village Recycling Secondary Cooperative (DVRS) captures the entire bio-waste value chain by establishing composting facilities linked to a highly productive organoponic system of urban food production. It covers its expenses by collecting waste and is thus a sustainable business model for source separation of waste at a household level. DVRS also receives revenues from food production, the resale of fresh produce to the community where the collection of source-separated waste takes place, and recycling the collected dry waste streams.

  • Expand operations from 1,000 to 5,000 households, collecting their source-separated waste and supplying them with fresh organic produce.
  • Create 150 jobs in the green economy by collecting and recycling source-separated waste resources, including composting, vermicomposting and organic urban food production.
  • Generate local revenues of over ZAR 1.9 million a year from the sale of fresh produce.
  • Develop plans to up-scale the enterprise to all households in the City of East London, including processing organic waste to biogas to generate ZAR 60 million a year from the sale of bio-methane and organic food.


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