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The Dried Fish/Food Company

The Dried Fish/Food Company

Working in partnership with a community organisation that empowers women entrepreneurs, this enterprise manages a value-added fish and food processing facility that focuses on solar dried products. They provide day-to-day food for rural and urban communities, proactively managing food security. As women are the primary distributors of the dried fish the enterprise is also working towards reducing the economic gender gap.

The enterprise purchases frozen horse mackerel from local factories and dries it in a solar energy process. The fish is then transported in bulk to outlets run by WEDI, a women’s cooperative, which owns the exclusive distribution rights. The enterprise’s primary focus is on rural areas. It is replicable across Africa. WEDI has enterprises across Namibia’s 14 regions. The dried fish is an additional, exclusive, high-demand product, complementing the existing activities of WEDI entrepreneurs.

  • Pursue expressions of interest from other Namibian fishing companies and the government’s Fish Consumption Promotion Trust project, which aims to promote the consumption of fish throughout the country.
  • Focus on neighbouring markets, such as rural areas of Southern Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and on land-locked countries such as Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.
  • Promote ownership of local drying facilities among WEDI women by means of a franchising model, and transform the WEDI into a “WEDI cooperative” by July 2015.
  • Explore other potential products for drying, including traditional vegetables, commercially produced vegetables and fruit.


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