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An innovative start-up that has set out to create an online platform that helps reduce traffic jams and environmental pollution in urban areas of Vietnam. Their easy-to-use online network platform creates favourable conditions for car sharing and allows its users to collaborate in favour of reduced carbon emissions and mitigation of climate change.

Dichung.vn is a niche social network combined with an e-commerce marketplace. It connects people who need a ride with others who want to share or sell free seats in their vehicles. The goal of the free C2C platform is to create a ride-sharing culture in Vietnam. Dichung.vn acts as a middleman, bringing users together and overcoming barriers to sharing vehicles. It also works with a transport company to provide standardised ride-sharing services (taxi-sharing, van pools) via a B2C platform.

  • Enhance the online platform, add a mobile application and create a brand for the whole system (target: 500,000 users in the next three years).
  • Run a marketing campaign aimed at groups such as students, office workers and green travel communities and manage a volunteer team providing ride-sharing for people with disabilities.
  • Establish a partnership with a major university and a large corporation to build a private ride-sharing network for their staff.
  • Establish a strategic partnership with Airport Taxi, a large transport company, to provide taxi-sharing and minibus services between the city centre and Noi Bai airport by the end of 2013; expand services to other airports and add van-pool services by the end of 2014.


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