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Green Organic Watch Cocoa Project

Green Organic Watch Cocoa Project

Green Organic Watch Cocoa Project promotes certified organic cocoa production and strengthens the capacity of farmers to carry out effective sustainable farming practices in order to tap into speciality export markets. 
While continuously improving the farms in terms of production, productivity and quality, the enterprise contributes to sustainable agricultural and green business development. 

The Cocoa Project is led by Green Organic Watch Growers Cooperative Society Ltd and involves 5,500 smallholder farmers as partners. The concept is to promote the adoption and application of good farming practices to enable the sale of certified cocoa to speciality markets at premium prices. By mobilising smallholder farmers to form themselves into savings and lending groups, the enterprise creates easy access to credit and markets and provides technical support for good agricultural practices, so improving production, productivity and quality.

  • Organise capacity-building activities targeting farmers, managers and field staff on issues relating to productivity and quality, investment, food security, gender, health and organisational development.
  • Design and implement strategies for cost-effective plantlet nurseries, marketing and access to information.
  • By 2016, improve tree productivity from 0.8 kg to 1.8 kg through technical support.
  • By 2017, register and contract an extra 2,000 smallholder farmers to join the Cocoa Project, increase the number of certified organic farmers to 5,500 and increase the number of women along the cocoa value chain from 15 % to at least 40 %.


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