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Awamu Biomass Energy Ltd.

Awamu Biomass Energy Ltd.

Awamu Biomass Energy embraces the innovative design, manufacture and distribution of micro-gasifier stoves with a flat-pack design making them accessible to the last mile, using renewable energy from dry organic biomass, and increasing agricultural profitability and sustainability through environmentally responsible production of fuels.

Awamu Biomass Energy Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells highly effi cient cookstoves that turn dry biomass fuel into charcoal through pyrolysis technology. The innovative cookstoves consume less fuel, reduce deforestation and make use of agricultural biomass, which improves waste management in the area. The enterprise sensitises community members to the impact of climate change. Through training it encourages customers to use biomass instead of charcoal for cooking, which reduces indoor air pollution and carbon monoxide emissions.

  • Increase production capacity to 50 stoves a day and establish additional manufacturing sites that will create up to 25 jobs in manufacturing, sales and monitoring for women and young people.
  • Reduce the total cost of a stove to under USD 10 through subsidies on materials and transport.
  • Organise additional monitoring and support teams for rural areas to provide assistance and training on using the stoves and producing biomass fuel.
  • Manufacture institutional gasifier stoves for small and medium-size enterprises.


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