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Au Grain de Sésame

Au Grain de Sésame

Au Grain de Sésame is an arts and crafts workshop which trains disadvantaged women to design and create organic products based on an innovative technique of recycling paper. Preserving and promoting the local art and cultural heritage, Au Grain de Sésame contributes to raising awareness of environmental conservation, while encouraging the choice of eco-friendly purchasing.

Au Grain de Sésame designs, produces and sells arts and crafts that use an innovative technique for recycling paper. The enterprise improves quality of life for both its customers and its producers – women in vulnerable situations who are trained to manufacture the ecological products. Au Grain de Sésame is launching a new range of ecologcal products using natural, local materials. These products. will be marketed locally online and through Fairtrade / ecological trade channels.

  • Launch three workshops (home furniture, giftware, artistic wrapping) and gradually set up new production sites enabling the entire production process to be managed, from raw material to final product.
  • Increase the number of women trained from 25 a year to a minimum of 100 a year.
  • Explore new business opportunities, such as the Fairtrade label, to boost revenues.


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