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5 Star Stoves

5 Star Stoves

5 Star Stoves creates a local bio-energy value chain out of waste biomass, producing biomass pellets which are used in a updraft gasification stove to cook and heat. The stoves are assembled in the community and distributed locally via a franchising model. The enterprise thus generates income for the local community, encourages more efficient use of natural resources and also improves energy security by using local bio assets.

The enterprise purchases biomass from pre-vetted and trained harvesters at a fi xed price. The biomass is then pulverised, dried and densifi ed into pellets and sold to stove users at a mark-up. Stoves are assembled locally and distributed in the community via a franchise model.Payment for the pellets is facilitated by a local service provider. This makes it possible to track and manage the business per stove user and so record carbon savings and business revenue per unit.

  • Achieve a commercially viable scale with the help of development funding after completing the first demonstration facility and achieving user acceptance.
  • Establish franchises for 2,000 stoves and generate revenues of ZAR 4 million, including ZAR 2 million in net profit; achieve ZAR 4 million of energy savings and save 6,000 tons of carbon emissions each year.
  •  Expand into one new developing county each year.
  • Set up five sustainable eco-enterprises or produce 10,000 stoves a year in each country to ensure safer, equally efficient, environmental friendly alternatives, create jobs and promote new businesses.


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