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Waste Enterprisers

Waste Enterprisers

“Waste Enterprisers” has developed innovative ways of reusing human waste with the aim of improving sanitation services for the poor and restructuring the economics of sanitation in developing countries. Drawing on technical support from local and international universities and working with the local municipality, the venture plans to turn faecal sludge into biodiesel, and to dry it and use it as boiler fuel. Wastewater is also being treated for use in ponds to allow fish farming which can provide additional income generation.

Waste Enterprisers Ltd. (WE) is transforming human waste into renewable fuel for industrial kilns and boilers. Its target market – industrial manufacturers such as cement plants and plastics factories – need cheap fuel to produce their products. WE leverages this energy demand to create an incentive for waste collection and processing, thereby tackling the urban sanitation crisis.
WE’s waste-based businesses completely reinvent the economics that govern waste management. By creating demand for waste, WE triggers action across the sanitation value chain, while the initiative’s “Fecal Fuel” product replaces fossil fuels, thereby reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

  • Conduct a demand study to assess market size and target customers’ requirements
  • Process prototype Fecal Fuel and run test  rings with potential customers
  • Contact technology providers and calculate the necessary capital investment and potential for partnerships or licensing agreements
  • Draw up a full business plan including an operating model, sales and distribution activities, a growth strategy and pro-forma  nancials


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