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“Thrive” is a non-government organisation partnering with governmental and research institutions to start up entrepreneurial triple-bottom line (the economic, ecological, and social criteria for measuring organizational and societal success) spin-offs in the areas of waste, local food, water, energy, and biodiversity and producing tangible environmental benefits while at the same time building capacity, creating jobs and generating income for local communities.

Thrive combines business principles with community engagement, unlocking synergies between symbiotic enterprises within Hout Bay to address issues in water, energy, biodiversity, local food and waste with proven, replicable, triple bottom line solutions. The initiative creates jobs and income for local residents and generates social and environmental benefits for the broader community. Thrive facilitates the creation of social enterprises in Hout Bay, enhancing their chances of success. It selects proven solutions and helps the formation of a network of entrepreneurs by providing business support and mentorship. In parallel, Thrive’s community programme fosters a socially and environmentally aware and receptive Hout Bay community that acts as client, resource and beneficiary. Thrive’s enterprises include job-creating recycling projects, wetland alien vegetation clearing and water quality improvement, and a bicycle-based local food service linking growers with clients. 

  • Support five sustainable social enterprises by the end of 2012.
  • Conduct a baseline well-being survey of Hout Bay by June 2012.
  • Establish a network of business mentors and community supporters.
  • Increase community awareness and engagement through five annual events.


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