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“TAYAP ECO-ORCHARDS” aims to relieve the effects of land scarcity leading to further deforestation. The initiative is introducing organic agro-forestry, combined with eco-tourism, to generate alternative sources of income for the community. The initiative is led by a farmers’ association.

Tayap Eco-Orchards (TEO) improves the living conditions of the rural population in Tayab through the promotion of organic agriculture and eco-tourism. The initiative contributes to the fight against deforestation and land degradation whilst creating new income generating activities. TEO produces a range of premium organic fruit (plantain, citrus fruits, cocoa) destined for local and international markets. Thanks to a unique system combining sustainable agriculture with eco-tourism, TEO will be able to keep its prices competitive whilst still adhering to the standards for fair trade products and organic farming. The initiative’s use of the Internet and mobile telephones to sell its products represents an innovative marketing strategy for the agricultural market. 

  • Develop the current site to enable the land to be managed efficiently and sustainably, and enlarge the holding by more than 20 hectares.
  • Establish an internal mechanism for financing the initiative’s agricultural and eco-tourism activities in a sustainable manner.
  • Facilitate the transfer of adapted technologies by training the local workforce.
  • Construct and fit out four eco-gites and set up the website www.agripo.net


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