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Solid Waste Management and Community Mobilization Program

Solid Waste Management and Community Mobilization Program

The “Solid Waste Management and Community Mobilization Program” is a waste collection and recycling enterprise of over 1,000 households and businesses and is run by a women’s environment committee and supported by a local municipality. Under the initiative, landfill waste is reduced via recycling and biogas plants are fueled by organic waste on which training is provided. A savings and credit cooperative has also been established to mobilise loans to 150 female members.

The enterprise seeks to enhance environmental conservation while generating income from recycled household waste, mainly in Kathmandu Valley. Women are provided with business and waste management training and access to micro-credit loans, and are encouraged to form conservation groups across the country.

Operated solely by women, the enterprise collects household waste and generates income by recycling it using efficient techniques. Organic waste is separated from the rest and turned into compost and bio-gas,often locally at the sites where the waste is generated. Paper is remolded into craft products. The enterprise organises public events on waste management and the environment and supports the establishment of "eco-clubs" in schools. It also provides consultancy and training related to waste management.



  • Establish biogas plants in the Lalitpur area and increase the efficiency of biogas, thereby, promoting the use of biogas.
  • Promote the concept of paper recycling through our program "Green Circle" and through awareness campaigns.
  • Increase the number of eco clubs and active women's group.
  • Develop WEPCO as the research and training centre for solid waste management.
  • Enhancement of our demonstration site.
  • Strong segregation program in whole WEPCO area (Zero Waste Concept)
  • Mass awareness program for effective solid waste management.
  • Develop an efficient education, research and training centre for solid waste management.
  • Establish Plastic Recycle Center.


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