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Solar Sister – African women led grassroots green energy revolution

Solar Sister – African women led grassroots green energy revolution

“Solar Sister – African women led grassroots green energy revolution” is a partnership of non-government organisations, womens’ organisations and solar-lighting producers. They run a direct sales network of women entrepreneurs, selling solar-powered lanterns as a clean and non-hazardous light source for rural households.

Solar Sister empowers African women by providing them with clean energy and economic opportunities. The initiative aims to spread solar power across Africa with the help of a direct sales network. By providing access to electricity in rural areas, especially for women, it helps to close the gender technology gap. Solar Sister trains women to become entrepreneurs, providing them with a “business in a bag”. This consists of an initial stock of portable solar products, plus training and marketing materials. The female entrepreneurs then sell the products in rural areas, earning a commission on each sale. Solar Sister works in partnership with grassroots women’s groups, ensuring that the provision of clean energy forms a part of development programmes. The plan in the coming years is to scale up the initiative, currently operating in Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan, to cover five more sub-Saharan countries. 

  • Train another 200 Solar Sister entrepreneurs
  • Establish 20 teams with local staff providing a high level of support and accountability
  • Provide 75,000 people with clean solar light
  • Replace kerosene lamps with solar lamps, reducing the amount of kerosene used by over 8 million litres


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