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Solar Bread Oven

Solar Bread Oven

The “Solar bread oven” is a large hybrid solar/gas-fired oven usable for all kinds of baking and roasting. Developed by a clean-tech company that is supported by international non-governmental organisations, the oven will be distributed through local women cooperatives via a franchising network.

The “Hybrid Solar Oven” is a large capacity hybrid oven that uses solar and gas-fired power. This saves valuable wood resources and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases. The aim is to create income for the rural population by promoting the benefits of switching from wood to solar power for baking and roasting. The ovens are heated by a 16 m² solar dish and, if supplementary power is required, by a gas burner. This innovation, developed by the clean-tech company ISOMET, enables economically viable production at all times. The oven will be distributed through local women’s cooperatives by means of a franchising network. ISOMET will train the women and be responsible for installing the ovens, providing technical assistance and supplying raw materials to franchisees. 

  • Improve the design of the product and explore possibilities for linking it to biogas digesters to ensure a continuous supply of power.
  • Design and develop special new food products that can be produced using the ovens.
  • Establish two to three pilot bakeries in Burkina Faso.
  • Define the terms and conditions of the franchise concept and initiate negotiations with women’s associations.


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