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Sawdust Entrepreneurial Initiative Among Oko-baba Communities In Lagos

Sawdust Entrepreneurial Initiative Among Oko-baba Communities In Lagos

Local non-government organisations and a sawmillers’ association introduced the recycling of waste sawdust into briquettes as a cheap and clean alternative fuel for stoves, They also provide technical assistance and micro-finance to entrepreneurs engaged in briquette production.

The initiative processes waste sawdust from lumber mills into high-quality fuel briquettes, thereby reducing pollution levels and generating revenue for the local community. The Lagos Oko Baba mills produce large quantities of sawdust that in the past were incinerated. The initiative transforms this waste into a high-value, clean-burning marketable product. Sustainable Research and Action for Environmental Development (SRADev Nigeria) trains local sawmillers’ cooperatives to collect sawdust and convert it into various consumer products, primarily fuel briquettes. This product provides an alternative to existing fuels (such as fuel wood and charcoal) which is both higher quality and lower cost. There is significant potential to scale up the initiative as about one third of the log input of the more than 2,000 sawmills in the country currently ends up as incinerated waste. 

  • Train 50 sawmillers in the briquette production process.
  • Create a further 80 employment opportunities for the local community.
  • Carry out a three-month pilot briquette-making project to investigate the commercial possibilities.
  • Launch an awareness campaign among sawmill companies in Oko Baba.


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