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Rural Transportation and Renewable Products Conversion Centres for Agro-residues

Rural Transportation and Renewable Products Conversion Centres for Agro-residues

This initiative works to establish an innovative shared-infrastructure service for rural farmers, providing cargo bikes for the collection of crops as well as agro-residues which are converted to renewable energy sources such as biochar, charcoal and biofuels in a facility also set up by the initiative.

VIVUS has developed an innovative rural transportation system enabling the efficient collection of small quantities of crops and agricultural waste in remote areas. The initiative then sells the crops in urban centers and converts the residues into biogas and fertiliser. Vivus combines three value chains in an innovative fashion: - Rural transportation: Selling pushcarts and bicycle carts and establishing an on-demand mobility services system. - Food crops: Collecting and marketing produce from smallholder farmers. - Agro-residues: Collecting and selling organic waste as a fuel source, and working towards setting up a biogas and fertiliser plant. Crops are transported to urban centres and sold to retailers and organised groups of female vendors. Residues are converted into fertiliser and biogas for electricity, cooking or use as fuel gas. 

  • Establish a pilot rural mobility and collection centre in Ghana.
  • Win and carry out a first biomass sourcing / transportation service contract.
  • Prototype and start production of two key technologies (carts, cargo motorbikes).
  • Conduct an in-depth feasibility study for a biogas fertiliser plant and raise sufficient funding to set up such a plant.


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