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Recycling Centre for Used Plastic Bags

Recycling Centre for Used Plastic Bags

The “Recycling Centre for Used Plastic Bags” run by a women’s environmental group has developed a technique to weave fashion accessories, decorative objects, and city clothing out of used plastic bags. The community-based initiative aims to clear the streets of Burkina Faso of plastic bags while providing income and training to underprivileged women.

Founded in 2003 by GAFREH, an association of women artisans, the recycling centre makes eco-friendly fashion goods and decorative handicraft products out of used plastic bags. The initiative provides an innovative solution to pollution caused by plastic waste in Burkina Faso, whilst encouraging women to become commercially autonomous. The women collect plastic bags from the streets then transform them using various craft techniques (weaving, knitting, melting, casting) at the recycling centre. The centre currently creates jobs for more than 85 women. It offers technical support in designing and developing products and suggests financing opportunities for these self-employed women. The products are sold through fair trade distribution channels on domestic and international markets, in boutiques and at events such as fairs. 

  • Introduce a new marketing policy to acquire new customers
  • Expand the recycling centre by building new sheds, allowing more women to be involved in the initiative
  • Diversify products, especially decorative pieces produced by melting or casting
  • Identify new financial partners for the launch of a mineral water distribution centre and the purchase of a boutique in Ouagadougou


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