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Recycle Not A Waste Initiative – RECNOWA

Recycle Not A Waste Initiative – RECNOWA

"RECNOWA” trains and employs street youth from disadvantaged communities to clear their streets of plastic and other material waste and uses the creative talents of Ghanaian artisans to transform them into handmade designer products such as bags, jewellery, footwear, furniture and home décor that are ethically produced and eco-friendly.

The Recycle Not A Waste Initiative (RECNOWA) recycles waste plastic and other waste materials into well-designed products for daily use and fashion items. The initiative then promotes and sells the products. This creates employment and income opportunities for disadvantaged young people in the suburbs of Accra. RECNOWA employs young people from disadvantaged communities in the suburbs of Accra to collect plastic waste from their neighbourhoods. The discarded plastic waste is washed, disinfected and dried before being sorted by colour and shredded. Young skilled artisans develop individual designs to turn the plastic waste into products such as bags, jewellery and furniture. These products are then sold as eco-friendly, handmade items on national and international markets. RECNOWA plans to replicate the model across Ghana. 

  • Provide permanent employment for up to 30 street youth.
  • Increase sales volumes to generate profits of USD 130,000.
  • Collect 120 tons of plastic waste from the streets of Accra.
  • Establish partnerships with private companies to obtain their waste materials and in doing so reduce their carbon footprint.


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