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Project to reuse waste charcoal as biochar

Project to reuse waste charcoal as biochar

“Reusing waste charcoal as biochar” is a family-business which currently, with the assistance of international development institutions as well as community and governmental organisations, is producing biochar from waste charcoal and clay. This is a cleaner and cheaper alternative to charcoal used in cooking and it reduces the pressure on exploited forests.

The initiative provides urban and rural households with biochar briquettes made from clay and charcoal waste, a cheap combustible fuel. The initiative produces high-quality biochar using an innovative rotor press. The combustive properties of the biochar are close to those of charcoal but it is smokeless and odourless, thus reducing the negative health and environmental impact. The biochar is distributed via a network of sales outlets, mainly managed by women. The initiative produces and markets biochar briquettes, selling them to retail dealers and women’s associations who act as sales agents. Biochar is two to three times cheaper than charcoal, saving users substantial amounts of money. These savings enable them to buy better stoves that reduce their energy consumption and thus make further savings. Part of the revenue from the project is reinvested in reforestation projects, helping to reduce greenhouse gases. 

  • Increase production capacity and reorganize the production site with the help of new funding; introduce new materials into the production process.
  • Maximise the marketing impact through advertising and promotional events; use a motor vehicle to improve local reach and potentially develop markets outside Saint-Louis.
  • Encourage the organisation of women’s associations.
  • Support reforestation activities and other eco-friendly projects.
  • Strengthen and broaden partnerships.


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