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Plastic Waste Recycling as an Alternative to Burning and Landfilling

Plastic Waste Recycling as an Alternative to Burning and Landfilling

Cooperating with government authorities, this non-government organisation is driving plastic waste management and recycling by training community members to collect plastic waste which can be sold to the initiative’s recycling facility which in turn produces plastic pellets for industrial use.

The initiative employs local people to collect, sort and recycle plastic waste. Plastic waste accounts for a significant portion of total municipal waste. By tackling this problem, the initiative provides job opportunities, improves the local environment and increases environmental awareness in the community. The initiative contributes to sustainable plastic waste management by collecting and sorting plastic waste and processing it in the local recycling plant. Community members receive training and education on how to handle and process the plastic waste. The reclaimed plastic is then sold to the manufacturers of plastic products. The solid waste management and recycling process is still poorly known in Tanzania. Thus another aim of ZASEA is to promote knowledge and stimulate community engagement using information disseminated via the mass media and educational sessions in schools. 

  • Construct a larger facility and expand the current collection network.
  • Expand waste management to include other types of thermoplastics.
  • Add an extrusion process to produce higher-margin plastic pellets.
  • Implement a broad environmental awareness training program.


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