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Organic Farm Inputs and Farm Produce - (KOFAr Ltd)

Organic Farm Inputs and Farm Produce - (KOFAr Ltd)

“Organic Farm Inputs and Farm Produce” is led by a local enterprise which is supplying organic farmers with certified inputs and organic fertiliser while organising sales opportunities.

The initiative seeks to address food insecurity and poverty among small scale farmers in Kenya by providing them with certified organic farm inputs, training in organic farming techniques and marketing-related services to increase their profit margins and market access. KOFAr – Kenya Organic Finest Aromas Ltd – is a social marketing and distribution company launched in 2010 to promote organic farming among smallholder farmers in Kenya. The farmers are contracted by the initiative and receive organic farm inputs as well as training on how to apply organic farming techniques to recover soil fertility and improve yields. The marketing and distribution of organic farm products takes place through the initiative’s network, targeting local and regional customers. 

  • Train and contract 1,000 small-scale farmers in organic farming in central and eastern provinces of Kenya.
  • Achieve a situation in which 10% of central and eastern provinces consistently use organic farm inputs.
  • Meet the annual sales target of USD1 million.
  • Raise USD200,000 per year until 2015 to enable the purchase of a co ee-processing plant, allowing operations to be scaled up.


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