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Natural tree products and community resource management

Natural tree products and community resource management

“Everpix-ACT-SA communities: natural tree products and community resource management” This community-based public-private partnership aims to augment rural income and incentivise tree planting by manufacturing and marketing a portfolio of products from indigenous trees grown by local communities, such as Marula nut oil.

Everpix and its partners create income for rural communities by manufacturing and selling a diversified portfolio of sustainable novel products made from natural resources. Indigenous tree planting by communities and the establishment of integrated “green” business development hubs empower future growth. In response to rapidly growing demand for novel natural oils, Everpix has developed a technology for extracting high-quality oil from marula nuts, an abundant and easily stored raw material available to local communities. The technology is scalable, easily replicable and adaptable to other raw materials. Local communities in South Africa often lack the manufacturing technology to derive high-quality products from their natural resources and the logistics skills to ensure demand is met. Everpix provides them with the required technology and expertise. 

  • Implement processes and develop products for at least two additional raw materials with similar value chains.
  • Secure financing so that annual sales can be increased to at least ZAR 25 million.
  • Secure financing so that the business model can be replicated in five additional areas of South Africa and two further countries in sub-Saharan Africa.


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