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Imai Farming Cooperative

Imai Farming Cooperative

“Imai Farming Cooperative” is a women’s cooperative which has partnered with non-government organisations and government institutions and is increasing and stabilising farmers’ incomes and reducing waste by processing surplus fresh vegetable produce into pickles. The initiative also encourages organic farming.

The IMAI Farming Cooperative has developed a sustainable business processing surplus vegetable crop yields into the value-added food product “achar”. This avoids wasting surplus vegetables and generates additional income. Non-sustainable farming techniques and post-harvest storing methods are responsible for the loss of large amounts of crops in South Africa. IMAI has developed an innovative approach to fighting these losses, chopping the surplus vegetables into small pieces and storing them in an acidic solution to create different types of “achar”. The shared agro-processing plant and sale of achar brings the value chain one step closer to local farmers, giving them an additional source of income. 

  • Start operation of the first agro-processing plant.
  • Significant contracts for the supply of achar.
  • Install the first water tanks for harvesting rainwater on farms.


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