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Butterfly farming for pro poor tourism and environment conservation

Butterfly farming for pro poor tourism and environment conservation

Replicating their successful project in Zanzibar, this partnership is setting up a butterfly park as a tourist attraction, at the same time generating income for local farmers through butterfly farming which also increases awareness on the need for biodiversity conservation.

The Zanzibar Butterfly Centre (ZBC) and the proposed Manyara Butterfly Centre are tourist attractions where visitors can see butterflies in botanical gardens. The butterflies are raised by local farmers and sold to ZBC for display or export. Butterflies require an intact ecosystem, creating incentives for the community to manage the local natural environment sustainably. ZBC runs a botanical garden in Zanzibar. It trains local famers in raising butterflies and buys the butterfly pupae from them. The butterflies are then either kept in the botanical garden or exported. ZBC is the first operation of its kind in Tanzania. The success of the existing facility has encouraged the organisation to plan a second, larger butterfly centre near Lake Manyara. This will help to diversify the range of services offered to tourists and improve the incomes of smallholders. 

  • Install a water supply for ZBC and its local farmers
  • Attract donor funding to finance the Manyara Butterfly Centre and training for farmers
  • Plan and build the Manyara Butterfly Centre
  • Train 300 new farmers as butterfly suppliers for ZBC
  • Identify and put in place necessary steps to meet requirements in potential export markets


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