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Village Cereal Aggregation Centres (VCAC)

Village Cereal Aggregation Centres (VCAC)

“Village Cereal Aggregation Centres (VCAC)”. A local commercial entity has joined forces with the national government, the financial sector and cereal buyers to establish mobile post-harvest management centres in villages – enabling farmers to deliver high-quality grain to the market value chain and encouraging more participation of youth in cereal production.

Village Cereal Aggregation Centres (VCACs) introduce post-harvest technologies and support farmers to engage in safe near-farm cereal storage, in order to increase food security and their capacity to trade competitively. VCACs comprise grain processing and bulking facilities, fully equipped with aflatoxin-testing k its, moisture meters, threshing, drying and bagging gear, and hermetic storage. The initiative offers farmers comprehensive training in post-harvest management including aflatoxin and pest control methods, grain marketing and trading standards, and business and financial management. 

  • Establish a demonstration project benefitting 2,000 households.
  • Undertake capacity-building for 1,500 farmers and develop 40 master trainers in post-harvest management.
  • Establish a national stakeholder forum to monitor the project and support policy development.
  • Aggregate 30,000 bags of maize for food security and trading.


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