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“SolSource” is a satellite dish-shaped solar device with removable modules that turns its own waste heat into electricity or stores it in thermal fabrics for later use. This novel device, which has been developed by an international social enterprise, research and government institutions, and local organizations, harnesses the sun's energy to provide a portable heat source for cooking and electricity for low-income families at an affordable price.

The SolSource is an affordable and high-performing solar concentrator designed for the 2.5 billion people globally who rely on harmful solid fuels for their daily energy needs. One Earth Designs (OED) is a social enterprise created to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in rural Himalayan communities. The SolSource is the first product in a series of appropriate technologies, co-designed by OED and its partner communities, whose commercialisation is intended to support the activities of the organisation at large. 

  • Finalise design for manufacturing the SolSource product (early 2011).
  • Build Hong Kong entity (ongoing).
  • Accelerate sales efforts with Chinese government clients (beginning early 2011).
  • Raise additional capital for Hong Kong entity (early 2011).


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