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Reclaiming Livelihoods – Mooi River Waste Reclaiming

Reclaiming Livelihoods – Mooi River Waste Reclaiming

“Reclaiming Livelihoods – Mooi River Waste Reclaiming”. This initiative led by a community-based organization, an international NGO and a government department has a high impact on local waste pickers who earn an income from recycling waste. By formalising the workforce and providing shelter, protective clothes and technical equipment, attractive job opportunities are created.

Reclaiming Livelihoods is an initiative of former informal waste pickers. Before founding the initiative, waste pickers worked as individuals in the town of Mooi River. With the assistance of the NGO groundWork, the waste pickers of Mooi River organised themselves into a formal group and now work together. The local municipality (Mpofana Municipality) supports the initiative and has granted permission for recycling waste on the landfill. This enables the Reclaiming Livelihoods’ waste pickers to collect recyclables such as cardboard, plastic, glass and paper directly on the landfill. The recyclables are then compressed and sold to larger recycling companies. 

  • Improve the transportation system from the landfill to the recycling company.
  • Introduce an IT system.
  • Procure urgently needed technical equipment (bailers, weight scales, a forklift, transportation and building material).
  • Create additional jobs for waste pickers in Mooi River.


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