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Muliru Farmers

Muliru Farmers

This community-based initiative seeks to conserve the Kakamega forest through the promotion of alternative income generating activities and awareness among the local, poor communities. It is a partnership between several institutions and uses traditional knowledge and modern science to develop products on the basis of wild indigenous medicinal plants. The core business of the initiative is the commercial cultivation of Ocimum kilimandscharicum, processing the plant materials into essential oil, manufacturing, and subsequently marketing, the finished Naturub®products. The initiative is committed to meeting the growing global demand for environmentally-friendly natural products, offering added value in addition to contributing to biodiversity conservation. The initiative is the only enterprise in Kenya engaged in the commercial cultivation and processing of Ocimum kilimandscharicum and currently faces no competitors. 

  • Product advertising, merchandising, advocacy and launch.
  • Seeking adequate local and international marketing support for the enterprise to increase levels of production.
  • Further develop new comparative advantages in biodiversity conservation technologies.
  • Improve the expected profitability of our investments, especially in “carbon-demanding” sectors, by incorporating expectations about the likelihood of future government policies on conservation.


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