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Micro Power Economy for Rural Electrification

Micro Power Economy for Rural Electrification

“Micro Power Economy for Rural Electrification”. The goal of this enterprise involving local partners from the private and microfinance sector is to set up a profitable rural power provider based on off-grid power system operation and the utilisation of renewable energy sources, such as wind-solar-diesel hybrid power systems.

The goal of the initiative is to offer rural customers in Senegal reliable power supply through the innovative business model “MicroPowerEconomy” that enhances social, environmental and economic sustainability for both the rural customers and the power provider. MicroPowerEconomy establishes stand-alone hybrid power systems for the environment-friendly and reliable electrification of rural villages while promoting the development of local enterprises to ensure the power supply’s economic viability. The business model is to provide green energy technology, micro-finance services and business training to stimulate local economic growth, while at the same time minimising risks to make rural electrification an interesting investment opportunity. 

  • Set up and train a team of local technicians for large-scale implementation of the MPE approach.
  • Collaboration with different financia l an d political partners for the provision of both equity finance and public subsidies.
  • Identify a total number of 50 villages (total population 50,000) suitable for MPE implementation.
  • Start the scale-up phase by setting up village power systems in 10 Senegalese villages.


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