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Kayor Rural Energy, Rural Electrification by Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Kayor Rural Energy, Rural Electrification by Photovoltaic Solar Energy

“Kayor Rural Energy, Rural Electrification by Photovoltaic Solar Energy”. An outstanding pilot enterprise launched by a community-based organisation that aims to provide solar energy solutions for rural communities. The partnership with microfinance institutions permits KAYER clients to finance their equipment with microcredit adapted to their means.

Founded in 2006 by the farmers union of Mékhé, KAYER, together with microfinance institutions, provides renewable energy solutions to the households and organisations in the non-electrified areas. Energy is considered as a development factor for local socio-economic dynamics/actors. KAYER, in partnership with microfinance institutions, offers solar photovoltaic systems for rural households. The households finance the solar station with a credit granted by an MFI partner. They become owner of the bought material and pay it with monthly installments according to their incomes. This model aims to reach the low-income households while limiting the financial risks for the enterprise. 

  • Local intensification (first and second year): to have a base with sufficient customers in order to create the conditions of expansion of the enterprise, while strengthening its experience and know-how at the same time
  • Geographic expansion (third year): replicate the model of KAYER in other regions of Senegal
  • Strategy of partnerships (third year): reach markets which necessitate larger size, and be a part of the governmentally driven rural electrification processes
  • Diversification (third year): propose new products or services according to the development of needs and technologic improvements


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