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“FLOWER OF H.O.P.E" This pioneering franchising initiative set up by a community-based organisation, international NGOs and research and finance institutions aims to improve agricultural development by training resource-poor community groups to become successful agricultural entrepreneurs, thereby generating more income for local communities.

Flower of Hope sets up an innovative production system that offers resource-poor women land, inputs and professional training as well as market access to become self-employed agricultural entrepreneurs. Relying on environmentally friendly cultivation methods, the initiative produces premium hibiscus for export and domestic herbal tea markets. The partnership offers women ready-made agricultural plots for lease, production factors and the know-how they need to cultivate and process quality crops. It provides oversight and support for production and establishes market relations. For these services, the women contribute 10% of their profits.While the first export market for hibiscus tea is beginning to flourish, women are encouraged to grow onion for local markets alongside the hibiscus so as to reduce business risks and contributes to local food security. 

  • Build strong customer relationships in two export markets in the US and Europe.
  • Install appropriate irrigation systems and expand infrastructure and equipment to increase the number of cultivable plots.
  • Increase women’s understanding of and commitment to the franchising concept.
  • Win government buy-in into social franchising as a promising mechanism for rural development.


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