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Efficient Charcoal Production and Smoke Recycling

Efficient Charcoal Production and Smoke Recycling

This partnership of international NGOs, government institutions and a reforestation initiative is promoting new technologies to increase the energy output of charcoal. As a result, this significantly reduces the amount of forestland used for the production of charcoal and lessens air pollution by recycling tar and other smoke components.

The Modern Carbonization Programme initiated by Entreprise Multiservices (EMS) is an initiative to improve the wood-energy channel in Rwanda. The partnership aims at introducing modern carbonization and waste recovery technologies as well as more efficient energy suppl y equipment, such as improved stoves. The goal of this initiative is to introduce a sustainable programme to produce charcoal of good quality on the Rwandan market, based on provision of training services on the production of charcoal, improved stoves and the black paint drawn from the tar collected during the carbonization process. The initiative’s strategy is based on the development of trained intermediary partners who will carry out the production and transport of the products, and run urban sales subsidiaries. 

  • Opening four sales subsidiaries in Kigali
  • Developing reliable partnerships in order to expand the value chain.
  • Increasing awareness for timber crop owners and workers on using these modern carbonization technologies and on planting fast-growth and high-energy trees.
  • Promotion and marketing activities including two radio commercials, a TV show, and participation in commercial fairs.


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