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EcoPost - Fencing Posts from Recycled Post-Consumer Waste Plastic

EcoPost - Fencing Posts from Recycled Post-Consumer Waste Plastic

EcoPost - Fencing Posts from Recycled Post-Consumer Waste Plastic. International and national NGOs have launched this unique initiative to recycle waste plastic into aesthetic, durable and environmentally-friendly fencing posts and consequently reduce plastic litter on streets and open fields. By providing an alternative fencing material to traditional wood, EcoPost contributes towards the conservation of forests.

Nairobi generates over 2,400 tonnes of waste everyday, 20% of which is plastic. Lack of an organised system of waste management has resulted in crude dumping of the waste leading to heaps of garbage littering streets and open fields. Cleanup is left mostly to rain water. In addition, we currently face massive and rapid deforestation and destruction of our water catchment areas e.g. the Mau forest. A staggering 222,000 acres of the Mau forest has already been destroyed. Demand for timber for construction has soared due to the rapidly growing housing market. EcoPost is a manufacturing business involved in recycling plastic waste into aesthetic, durable and environmentally friendly fencing posts. The opportunity was born out of the fact that there is huge demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable fencing posts and waste plastic is hugely abundant and readily available

Year 1

  • Complete the prototype and all technical and commercial feasibility of the business.
  • Lobby for and successfully receive grants totalling US$ 22,500 as seed finance.
  • Purchase two second-hand extruders for US$ 11,250
  • Operations began in April 2010 and are currently producing 80–100 posts/day.
  • Sales are currently at about 1000–1500 posts/mth.

Year 2

  • Acquire shredder and agglomerator to reduce production costs and implement a lean manufacturing system.
  • Increase production to 800 posts/day by incorporating a revolver and hydraulic production system.
  • Structural engineering tests on new product lines such as roofing trusses.
  • Acquire a truck for transporting raw materials and plastic posts.

Year 3

  • Extend our work into Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda or Southern Sudan.


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