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Commercialization of Prosopis Juliflora Products from Affected Areas

Commercialization of Prosopis Juliflora Products from Affected Areas

“Commercialization of Prosopis Juliflora Products from Affected Areas”. A local community-based NGO, the FAO and a Kenyan company and research institute have mobilized efforts to control the undesirable spread of the Prosopis tree by promoting its commercial use as charcoal, timber and pods for livestock feed. The development of a sustainable national market will maximize returns to local communities.

The initiative creates alternative incomes for pastoral communities by manufacturing Prosopis products and helping to generate markets fro them. At the same time, the initiative contributes to controlling the spread of this invasive species, thus helping to conserve biodiversity. Proposis julifora currently covers an area of over 10,000 square kilometers in Kenya and continues to spread due to prolific seeding. Ongoing complementary research projects on Prosopis products have attracted considerable interest from many potential commercial users in Kenya. By purchasing, transporting, adding value and carrying out market activities, the initiative aims to link the local communities who manufacture Prosopis products to markets in Kenya and abroad. 

  • Train local communities in processing techniques and the formation of associations and cooperatives;
  • Set up collection centres and processing plants for local communities;
  • Establish an effective transport and distribution network to deliver raw material to processing plants and markets;
  • Market Prosopis products, such as charcoal and livestock feed supplements at the national and regional level.


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