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Claire Reid Reel Gardening

Claire Reid Reel Gardening

“Claire Reid Reel Gardening” provides consumers with a pre-fertilised seed strip that encases seeds at the correct depth and distance apart and offers planting instructions in seven languages. Implemented by a youth organization with assistance from government and social development programmes, the initiative aims to create sustainable subsistence gardens throughout South Africa.

Reel Gardening is a simple, cost effective and convenient means of growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed. Reel Gardening enables and empowers communities to implement their own sustainable food projects throughout South Africa through a user-friendly and educational medium which can contribute to alleviating food shortages and promote self-sustaining communities. Claire Reid Reel Gardening (Pty) Ltd is a start-up business specialising in hand-made vegetable seed strip products created and patented by Claire Reid, the company founder. These products include 10 vegetables; 10 herbs; and 3 companion planting flowers. Reel Gardening is an environmentally-friendly organic product which has been taken up positively by consumers from diverse walks of life. Reel Gardening markets its products in a three tier approach: Retail, Social development initiatives and Corporate gifting. 

  • Implement 5000 community gardens and establish a retail base of 150 retail outlets. - Export product to Zimbabwe, Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Australia and UK.
  • Increase employment and hire previously unemployed mothers.
  • Increase brand awareness through marketing efforts in South Africa and beyond.


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