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Amatola Wild Trout Fishery

Amatola Wild Trout Fishery

“Amatola Wild Trout Fishery” is the first recreational fly-fishery in South Africa owned and managed by a local community. Set up by a partnership between a NGO and a research institution, the fishery brings a high-end market tourism activity into a rural area, while focusing on skills training and job creation for local people and environmental improvement by sustaining water quality and wild trout populations.

Amatola Wild Trout is the first community-owned and -managed recreational fishery in South Africa. It introduces economic and social development into the Amatolas through the development of an eco tourism attraction.

The initiative introduces a high-end market tourism activity (fly-fishing) into a poor rural area. Income is generated through rod fees, accommodation and catering services. All income generated before the end of 2011 is retained by the community-owned enterprise, because short-term operational costs are covered by donor funding. The income will be expended thereafter in order to sustain and grow the business.


  • Skills training for members of the local community, installation and operation of basic business systems.
  • Implementation of a multi-facetted marketing strategy for the fishery.
  • Further environmental maintenance of cleared riverbank areas.
  • Lobbying for a comprehensive catchment programme. - Development of the strategic fishing sites.


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