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Sustainable Shrimp Farming in the Gulf of Morrosquillo

Sustainable Shrimp Farming in the Gulf of Morrosquillo

The partners of this project are a community-based organisation, a local NGO and a small business which are aiming to establish a cooperative enterprise that includes families of traditional fishermen in the Morrosquillo Gulf, farming shrimp in a way which produces zero emissions.

The initiative, established in 2006, helps to produce gourmet quality fresh shrimps from sustainable farming. The shrimps are farmed and harvested by utilising a unique ecological production process. The heterotrophic “Zero Wastewater” technology optimises the shrimp farming process by using a clean production system in which zero waste water is created. It offers an alternative to conventional fishing, replacing marine exploitation and overfishing and thereby protecting marine ecosystems and contributing to environmental protection. The initiative will develop five small production units where fishermen will be trained. It offers them an alternative way of generating sustainable income and employment through a sustainable value chain of shrimp farming. 

The initiative, financed by Coveñas and the Instituto Morrosquillo, is currently constructing the first tank to further validate its technological approach. It seeks to:

  • validate the minimum production unit required to attain economic sustainability
  • reach 50% growth per unit each year by reinvesting the sales
  • add another production unit each year
  • train a new group of fishermen each year; each group will be supported for two years to gain the skills required for leading a unit.


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