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Powering the Future with SuryaHurricanes

Powering the Future with SuryaHurricanes

A national NGO in partnership with a local NGO and a cooperative have developed an innovative device called “SuryaHurricane”, a low-cost solar lantern made from recycled parts of the conventional and much used kerosene lantern.

Since 2008, the partnership provides women with SuryaHurricanes to replace the currently widely used kerosene hurricane lanterns. The SuryaHurricane is a low-cost solar powered lantern made from recycled traditional kerosene lanterns, where the wick and burner are replaced with a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL). The initiative is not only innovative because it is the first in Bangladesh to convert kerosene hurricane into solar lanterns, but it is also unique because it gives access to solar power to people earning less than one dollar a day, who do not have access to existing solar programs. For example, a 20 Wp solar home system costs USD198.53 per year or USD29.78 deposit, plus USD4.97 a month for 36 monthly instalments through micro-credits. Yet SuryaHurricane is a unique solar solution, because it costs only US $12.23 a year. Families will pay USD 4.35 for converting their kerosene lamps into solar ones and USD 0.073 for every re-charge, thereby increasing their incomes compared to using kerosene. The solar lanterns can be re-charged twice a week at a SuryaShroy (solar energy shelter), which can be located within a school, organization and/or individual’s house. People can use SuryaHurricanes at home, for fishing, and work at night. 

  • Rent out 1,400 SuryaHurricanes and 7 SuryaShroys (solar energy shelters) for 1,400 families in 7 villages
  • Launch a campaign to create a greater demand in the northwest
  • Rent solar hurricanes to entrepreneurs/ organisations that will train women to maintain the lanterns
  • Teach children to use the lanterns in order to study at night
  • Agree a contract with a bank to finance the entrepreneurs’ costs


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