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Oro Verde®

Oro Verde®

A national NGO and local community associations are engaged in an initiative to reverse environmental degradation and social exclusion produced by illegal and uncontrolled mechanized mining. A mining certification process and capacity building program have been created. More than 700 artisan mines are now following social and environmental criteria.

Since 2000, Oro Verde® reverses environmental degradation, caused by uncontrolled mining in the Chocó Bioregion by developing certified responsible mining practices. The partnership, consisting of a national NGO and three grassroots organisations, has created the basis for the world’s first local certification scheme for precious metals and has propelled a worldwide fair-trade movement around responsible small-scale mining. The artisanal miners who extract the gold and platinum comply with strict ecological standards. 

  • Involve around 700 more miners in the scheme to increase the initiative’s impact and guarantee a constant supply of precious metals.
  • Strengthen community organisations by training and helping them to create and support miners’ producer groups.
  • Set up a specialised procurement chain for the distribution of the gold.
  • Certify production under the international labelling scheme FAIRMINED + Eco (fair trade gold) inspired by Oro Verde®.
  • Develop market opportunities for Oro Verde® in green and fair international markets niches
  • Add market value through the Oro Verde® brand.


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