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MakaaZingira produces FSC certified charcoal for conservation and livelihood creation. A national NGO, a community-based organisation and a small business network aim to establish a sustainable eco-charcoal production model, helping small scale farmers to replace unsustainable practices while also bringing social benefits.

MakaaZingira Enterprise has, since 2009, trained rural farmers to produce sustainable charcoal from fast-growing shrubs. Charcoal is the primary fuel source for people in East Africa, providing over 82 % of all cooking and heating supplies. The MakaaZingira eco-charcoal briquettes are made from fast growing indigenous shrubs which are sustainably harvested, carbonised, mixed with waste cassava and coconut fibre and then compressed. 

  • Scale up production
  • Appoint a MakaaZingira CBO Supervisor
  • Register and establish MakaaZingira
  • Expand the market 
  • Develop packaging and selling point of materials


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